Unit 16


Unit 16 is a Masters Unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. It has been run by Josep Mias, Johan Berglund and Dean Pike since 2011.

Unit 16 wants to exist in a close symbiosis between academic research and architectural practice. Our way of working is close to how projects exists in a practice, with constant testing and “reflecting through action”, in order to challenge the limits of architecture. Our work is centered around the production of buildings, landscapes and spaces, with a  clear understanding and interest in their relationships with the city. We see architecture as an act of realisation; of making something real, which was only previously a brief thought, a vague concept, an utopian dream. Through this act we have the power to transform the world around us, and with that, the responsibility to make sure we leave something  positive behind. We are a unit that believes that action speaks louder than words. We educate architects that use their proposals to challenge the lives, habits and actions of the world’s inhabitants.

This year Unit 16 will be supported by Happold Consulting, who have been heavily involved in a  large study about the potential future of Detroit, and who will be providing the unit with information and links to other professionals involved in the city’s development. Nüssli, one of the worlds leading specialist contractor for temporary structures, will be our main  sponsor for this year.



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