Unit 16

The Twist: Tokyo Olympic Stadium Competition

Tokyo Olympic Stadium Competition: The Twist

Preview of a competition entry for the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

Designed as not only a sports stadium, but as a city fragment, the design by MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes is an attractor: innovative and a generator of vitality. Given the name The Twist, their proposal for the Tokyo Olympic Stadium is expanding in order to better reach users’ requirements: proximity, diversity, and accessibility.

The architecture connects gardens, squares, covered pedestrian streets, gathering spaces and induce new urban compartments. Their design is gradually unrolling and forming the built space with a slope of 2%, serving the 80 000 places (with a visibility angle that grows from 20% in the bottom part to 45% at the top part of the gardens). This disposition aims to offer to the public a perfect visibility from all the gardens. The slope also facilitates the access in the building for people with motor deficiencies.


51424ce6b3fc4bc063000014_-the-twist-tokyo-olympic-stadium-competition-entry-menomenopiu-architects-fhf-architectes_int_concert__final-1000x456 51424cd0b3fc4b2f1d00000e_-the-twist-tokyo-olympic-stadium-competition-entry-menomenopiu-architects-fhf-architectes_diagrams-528x1366 51424cc8b3fc4bc063000013_-the-twist-tokyo-olympic-stadium-competition-entry-menomenopiu-architects-fhf-architectes_bird_view__ring-1000x701

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